At Museums in Motion we aim to tell the story of the museum field in ways previously unexplored, or explored in little detail.

My name is James Parry.  My background and education in museums started at Lynchburg College (now the University of Lynchburg) in Lynchburg, VA and has continued to be a facination of mine since graduation.

I have worked and volunteered at several museums since my college days and have found time to enjoy them during my ongoing military service (USAF).  Please send ideas my way if you are aware of any museums in your area, or around the world that are engaging their patrons in unique and thought provoking ways, or are introducing new technologies that are bringing their capabilities as educational institutions to a new level.

And, if you want to spotlight someone who works at or volunteers at your local museum for being awesome at what they do, that’s great!  Send me some info about them and I’l do my best to reach out!


James E Parry